Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Katy Perry rocks Abigail Greydanus custom latex dresses for President Obama rally performances!!

As many of you may have already seen from my facebook fanpage the fabulous Miss Katy Perry rocked some Abigail Greydanus custom latex dresses the past few weeks at her rally performances for President Barack Obama! The dress above was a hit in Wisconsin where she performed, not only did it feature Obama's slogan "Forward" on a Royal Blue latex background but "Forward" happens to be the motto of the state as well! Very appropriate. The dresses were all made in collaboration with her always amazing stylist Johnny Wujeck and if the media's any indication I think they were all a smash hit! You can see one awesome article referencing my work over HERE on Yahoo! The dresses were featured on various sites from MSN to CNN to MTV.

Katy Perry wore her political views out in the open for all to see when she put on this "Human Ballot" style latex dress at a performance for Obama in Las Vegas. I think it was an excellent choice to provoke us all to discuss our views together and get each other's opinions on the matter prior to election day.

This latex American Eagle dress with coordinating "White House" latex belt were worn by Katy Perry at a Fundraiser rally in LA at the beginning of October. This was one of my personal favorites to make. It didn't get quite as much attention as the other two dresses since it was a private event but I really loved working on the design of the eagle and creating all the components of the white house belt that made it look as close to the real deal as possible while coordinating well with the eagle.

Keep scrolling below for a few more shots of Katy Perry in her custom latex dresses:

and lastly a shot of the "Forward" dress in my workshop before sending it over to be bedazzled for the performance!

Be sure to check out the "Celebrity and custom design" portion of my site to see more latex outfits Katy Perry's worn and where I'll be posting more photos of these dresses shortly!

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