Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Abigail Greydanus Latex Nurse Uniform

I've been very neglectful of this blog lately! My apologies! Things have been quite busy with me the last couple of months with planning my October wedding, orders, photoshoots, etc especially those for my new mini collection of costumes! I guess you could say they're Halloween costumes but to me they're more tools of roleplay and getting into a character or mood you'd like to personify. Not that you need to actually play doctor with someone when wearing this outfit but that you'll feel super sexy, and vixen-ish in your latex gear and know that you look hot! There's quite a few pieces to this nurse outfit, I really wanted to go all out if I was going to make a nurse outfit as the idea of a nurse outfit itself is somewhat generic within the fetish community. So when I started designing this outfit I spent a lot of time thinking about what I would want if I was going to dress as a sexy nurse, what were the pieces that would make me feel my sexiest, look great on anyone, and still have a bit of a cute, retro flair to it. Well, this style is what I came up with! There's 8 pieces that make up the full outfit: Hat, Gloves, knee high Stockings, Apron, Dress, Crotchless Panties, Pasties, and Medical Mask.
Miss Vanessa Lake was the lovely model for all the pieces and they were shot by the always awesome Beguiling Images.

I'll go through and give a little more background on each piece, though they can all be seen for purchase via my website and the etsy shop  and the technical details of each are described in their individual listings.

The picture above is Vanessa Lake shot with the medical mask. The fun thing I find with these masks is their breath restriction. You can breathe while wearing them, however, when you wear the mask for extended periods of time you definitely get that giddy, light-headed sensation of your normal air being cut off and instead being replaced by the seductive scent of rubber. Not everyone's into the masks but the people that are absolutely love them and I thought the outfit wouldn't be complete without the addition. I decided to make the piece in the contrasting color with a matching applique at the center to give it my touch.

The dress for the uniform is adorable even when not paired with all the additions of the design. This is a piece that could be ordered and worn out on it's own in say Black and Pearlsheen Purple and be a show stopper. Of course the addition of the apron, gloves and hat give it the super seductive medical feel. The hat was inspired by the traditional folded nurse hats of yesteryear. It's something every good nurse needs I think. The apron provides a super fun, bold medical touch that looks great when layered over the dress or worn with the panty/pasties combo (or on it's own even ;) )

The matching apron of course wouldn't be complete without some adorable bow detail at the back. The apron itself snaps open and closed at the back for easy wearing but the bow adds the cute, fun touch any good apron needs. The gloves are a personal favorite glove design of mine. They're one-fingered, meaning they loop over your middle finger giving the top of your hand a sexy, latex covered look without restricting your hand motion or getting polish on everything that you touch ;) They come up just above the elbow with a medical applique detail at the top

When designing this outfit I did the outer worn pieces first but I felt like there was just a touch of something that was missing. Then it came to me! All these piece would look great when worn with something more risque underneath! So I decided to add to the design a panty and pasties that would look great when worn with all the accessories and make everything versatile for when you go out AND when you get home ;)  
The pasties have the medial applique detail on them and are made in the shape of hearts for a sweet touch. For the panties I wanted to make something that could continued being worn during the act of sex and not just for foreplay alone. So I went with a crotchless panty style that has a contrast trimmed slit down the center and applique details at both ends of the slit. Now I could rant for quite awhile on the subject of crotchless underwear. I have a few friends who thing I'm quite crazy for my strong opinions on this matter (and I'll probably go into it more when I reveal what else I have up my sleeve when I construct a few other pieces that feature this detail in the next few months) but it's a strange topic I feel quite passionately about. I know many people like to have sex while wearing their latex, some with anything from a full catsuit to stockings and a garter dress, etc but what about if you want to have that touch of latex added just spur of the moment without needing to get dressed in something more? These panties you can just throw on like any other panty and still get a bit of that same latex induced enjoyment. Plus I always hate buying cute or sexy cloth underwear that are worn for maybe 5-10 minutes and then they're tossed to the side. What about those of us that have a fetish for the underwear and want to get catch glimpses of them amid the activity? That's just a bit of my thought process regarding that all, hehe.                                    

You can see the cute knee high stockings in this picture. They feature the matching medical appliques at the top and contrasting seams up the back.

I hope to go into detail about all of the new outfits so I'll leave you with 'just' this one for now!

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  1. I have been following Vanessa's posts regarding these outfits, and Holy Biscuits!, GREAT...job on these.
    Now if I could just find someone who would want to model them...