Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Australian Fashion Week / Jaime Lee

Latex Honey drip top and latex honey comb skirt with knit shrug. Via Getty

Latex Honey drip top and latex honey comb skirt with knit shrug. via Getty

Honey comb latex leggings (Seriously how good do these look on her! They suit this girl to a T!) with chunky knit tunic. Via Getty

Kaleidescope halter bikini top (latex) with starry print skirt. Via Getty

Backstage by Thom Kerr

Starry Kaleidescope print dress and pants, via Getty

Backstage by Thom Kerr.

Amazing printed suit jacket, via Getty

Hand knit and beaded, knit and lace dress, via Getty. It's unbelievable the amount of work Jaime put into her pieces and this is a strong example of that.

Backstage via Getty

Awesome print and lace dress. Plus aren't these masks awesome!

Adorable, and extremely wearable sheer top and printed leggings. Could definitely be a closet staple I think. via Getty

Another amazing hand beaded dress backstage via Getty images.

As you guys can see this show was a major labor of love. Jaime is extremely passionate about what she does and our working together was quite an ideal match up because of this. I stayed motivated to hand cut and glue (literally) thousands of hexagons to create honeycomb because as I did that she would send me sneak peaks of what she was doing and it was even more intense then my own stuff! If you'd like to read more on the show and RAFW you can check out a couple more articles here and here

Check out more of Jaime's work on her site here

& more of Thom's work here

Hopefully I'll have even more updates and photos to share from the show, I'll post asap when I do.

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