Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy birthday to me!

Not a normal post for me but it's my birthday so I'll do what I want, bitch! Anyways, today was my birthday, and I just wanted to thank everyone out there for all the well wishes you've given me, I feel soooo loved! I came home and found that my boyfriend appeared to have started the "party" without me before he had to head to work (yes that is a d & d manual next to an alligator head and rubber finger licking photo, I live a strange life, lol). And one of my close friends from work gave me the COOLEST cupcake book wrapped in an adorable hello kitty bag that was full of additional goodies. Then out for pho and cake, all day lots a cake, which kinda makes me laugh cause last year I got no cake and was feeling a bit lonely after having just started a new job. Just goes to show you how many things can change in a year! Thanks again you guys, you really are the best!

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