Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hajimari- A prelude

My absolute favorite piece above! Very inspirational, and so reminiscent of all the japanese gore movies that I love! I really hope she makes it a print and I can get a copy of it!

Audrey Kawasaki recently had a show open at the Jonathan Levine Gallery in NY. It being NY I, of course, couldn't be in attendance but the pieces moved me so, so much that I wanted to be sure to post them up here for everyone to enjoy. I absolutely love the Asian influence of many of the pieces in the show. Normally I find that kind of stuff to have the occasional cheese-factor to it but this stuff is as pure intentioned as it comes. Her typical manga influence is really brought out in the mix with the Asian theme and I, of course, am ever a fan of her provocative subject matter. All the pieces are absolutely wonderful, be sure to go to the gallery's site to view the few that I haven't posted on here! Images via Jonathan Levine, and High Fructose.

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