Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Three Apples

Please forgive me for my complete and utter bombardment of all things cute in this post. I've had literally over like 300 pictures from the Royal-T/ Hello Kitty birthday event that have just been crying out to be sorted and posted, so let the cute and cuddly commence!

This is me being sexually assaulted by Hello Kitty at her house.... and liking it!
Giant balloon at the entrance!
My friend E, reading Hello Kitty's diary in her front room/house that we WERE NOT supposed to be in, but snuck into anyways since it was early in the morning and the staff seemed distracted.....

Future tattoo inspiration

Speaking of tattoo's my tattoo artist Misha painted ALL these!
Lots of art. If any of you are art fanatics like me I'm sure you'll recognize most of it, and if you don't let me know and I'll tell ya whom they're by! :D

These prints were freaking AMAZING!!!! I really wanted one, but Lagerfeld was already sold out and I couldn't get myself to shell out the $60 for the tiny Bowie. As much as I wanted to!

Seriously though, what a cute couple and I don't even like Gaga!
E, staring into the claw machine, but not shelling out the like $3 or so bucks to play ;)

LAST PULLIP HELLO KITTY DOLLS IN THE WORLD!!!! Can't you read the sign!!
We're going to be DIYing these ice cream cones in the near future. I like to think of myself as the felt master!
The ever popular Hello Kitty "massager's" ;)
Our menu display for E.
Yum! Breakfast!!!Me, "brushing" my teeth with HK's toothbrush..... BUSTED!

Oh yeah, I made those waffles btw,.... couldn't you tell!?

One last shot for the road of my peeling tattoo <3
Thank you E for taking a majority of these pictures and sharing in my HK enthusiasm along with your awesome cousin!!!

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