Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I'm feeling a bit uninspired and sad so here's a cute girl and her sad panda!

I just pre-ordered the above shoes from Bonadrag. Love 'em but they dont ship til next month!

These suckers though! Jesus Christ! Oak's been down for me off and on for like almost a week! Well I finally got on it today and found these and omfg, low and behold a size ten sitting there just waiting to be plucked up and placed in the cart. I proceeded to do so, only to have the site take a shit on me again!!! I spent over 2 hours hitting refresh on 2 computers trying to get it to come back, wtf!!! So I finally get back on there, and the item is missing, no out of stock sign on it, no it's not still in my cart, nothing. And now a little piece of me has died inside. Drama queen much? Maybe so, but these are worth every bit of drama for the industrial wedge lover, like myself. Happier days tomorrow? One could hope but it's Thursday, not Friday so I'm not getting my hopes too high!

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