Thursday, February 23, 2012


Normally I don't make "non fashion related" posts, but I wanted to make an exception to that today as a friend of mine recently sent me an email about her roommate who has Multiple Sclerosis and his goal to raise $3000 for the MS walk in their area of Pittsburgh. Rather then write out something of my own I think that including part of her email will explain everything best:

"Humans! Ppl that are pretty much amazing!
My rooomie and very close friend Joseph Raymond Malter
has MS, this year we are trying to RAISE $3000 on behalf of him!

So it would be fantastic if out of the kindness of your heart to donate for HIM and foremost but I will also make me VERY happy!

I know it is Rough times for some of us right now, however I think you and donate as little as a .01 cents. Don't Quote me on that.

PS. Here is his page link

Be a part of JOE'S JEDI's! and to quote Joseph "We are not the cripples you are looking for!"

Thank you!!"

So if you have a minute and a few dollars check the site out, as you read above any help is very much appreciated!


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