Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Schick Quattro for Women Katy Perry Tour dresses

Over the summer I had the great honor of working with a team of talented people at marketing firm “Amplitude” on their campaign for “Schick Quattro for Women” razors. They were going to be the main tour sponsor of Katy Perry’s world tour and wanted something unique to help the girls that would be touring stand out in a crowd. After a few talks we decided that putting the signature Schick wording on a halter dress would not only be fun and unique but also allow for the girls to be able to work long hours without much discomfort. Some skirts were also made for the additional girls that came to help out at each new location to assist. Each letter on the dresses was meticulously cut in a different font, different sizing, etc, along with the Schick logo. It was a super consuming project but one well worth the effort. I had the pleasure of getting to go to the Los Angeles part of the tour, so much fun! Was great to see the reaction from people that had never seen, nor heard of latex before!

Schick also send a camera crew to watch me work one day on the dresses, etc and above you'll see the footage from that time they spent with me.

Here's a shot of me being a dork with the girls on set while we filmed the segment.

The two lovely ladies in their dresses (Jenny Boa and Misha) while helping Katy Perry out on tour.

You can see more shots of the girls on tour on my website by clicking HERE.

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