Friday, August 26, 2011

Face lift

You guys may have noticed but I've updated a few things on here! Given it a minor face lift so to speak. With the help of awesome graphic designer and blogger Isabelle Gloria that is!

Isabelle is an awesome lady that approached me a couple of weeks ago about helping out to make this blog look a bit fresher and more up to date and of course I couldn't say no to help like that! What's even cooler is she's in Germany so through the wonders of the internet we communicated about what I wanted for the site and I think she nailed it.

You can check out her portfolio here if you're interested in more of her work. And of course her blog is full of good stuff. With a name like Fashion, Art & Oddity of course you'd expect nothing less so check that out here. It's full of dark, gorgeous goodness!


  1. Congrats on engaging Isabelle. I approve of the improvements!

  2. Thank you for the lovely article! :)