Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sticks & Stones

If you haven't already had a chance to watch it, here's Rihanna's new video S&M:

This video featured lots of bright colors and LOTS of latex. Below are some of my favorite looks and I had the honor of getting to participate in it! It's always a HUGE pleasure to get contacted by new stylists, (that I haven't gotten to work with before) to work on projects like this. I couldn't be in better company with the looks they used.

The video opens up with Rihanna in a "newspaper" print dress, and though it wasn't latex I
was a fan of the look since it fit her to a T and the scene with her behind the saran wrap wall
was pretty sexy. (Plus I thought all the multi colored ball gags in the reporters mouths were pretty cute!)

Next we have Rihanna taking her "pet" Perez out for a walk. She's wearing a stunning dress and
hat by fabulous latex designer Atsuko Kudo. Not only is the set in one of my favorite latex colors but that
hat style is to die for.

Then we have Rihanna taking a bit of a break with some pink popcorn in hand rocking the baby pink latex. This is where I come in ;) The top and panties are made by designer
William Wilde but I was commissioned a couple days before the shoot to make a pair of gloves,
stockings and hood for this scene. They're only basics, but getting to have my work next to some other really great latex designers is still an awesome honor and I always love getting the pleasure of working with new stylists on projects like this.

This look, while sans latex is one of my personal favorites! I kinda, freaking love that
polka dotted romper and her cute little pig tails with flower headdress. I know that's not what
most people want to see when they have a girl tied up... but honestly that's what I'd want to see! Plus pink rope = super cute!!!

One of the last looks is this little orange and pink number. It's also by William Wilde and is a yet to be released piece from his new collection "Through with love". However (!!!) I did make the little latex flower in her hair, hehehe. I made a similar headpiece for myself last year with some mini orchids, I should post some pictures one of these days!

Now I know there's A LOT of people that are hating on this video (as there always is these days when something like this comes out). Saying it's been done, saying that it's bastardizing traditional fetish and selling it out in the name of media and money.
I have to say this though, isn't it possible that maybe this type of publicity on fetish is something that's going to take it to the next level? I like to think that maybe this is going to help a new breed of latex (and/or fetish) lovers discover their passions! Honestly I LOVE the idea of latex fetish in pinks and oranges, yellows and whites, instead of the traditional black and red. Why should we pinhole fetish as just one type, one color, when there's sooooooo many fetishes out there can't one have a fetish for pink latex over black? Or I like to think of it as a fashion fetish, I'd say that I subscribe to that mentality, if it aint pretty it isn't turning me on!

Anyways, enough of that rant ;) I'll leave you with a few more random screen shots of the
pieces I contributed:

Blog "The Fashion Manifesto" did a great breakdown of this too, so if you wanna see some more of the outfits check it out here.


  1. I for one LOVE this video AND how latex/fetish is portrayed. It's nice to see something fresh, colourful and fun.

  2. I agree 100%! There's totally this new generation of latex/fetish lovers out there that I think we subscribe to the mentality of much more then the traditional old school dom look of yester year <3

  3. You are right! The latex designers will certainly get a fashion boost from some of these designs. Latex is not for everyone since it requires care upkeep, storage upkeep, washing upkeep and has to be put on in a certain manner if it is form fitting. Some of the new latex designers are using rubber cement and adding zippers and snaps so you can get into them easier. I don't wear latex anymore since it is too hot for me. I do love the look though.

  4. Let me just say WELL DONE, I love the video and all the outfits are really quirky! I am not a fetishist myself, but a fashion designer who fell in love with latex.
    I must say the last outfit ( the pink & orange dress) is stunning, and I've personally always loved that color combination. Having your work featured in mainstream music videos is a big deal, people get to know up-coming designers through research.

    Here are some couture designs of mine:


    and my facebook fanpage:


    Any comments welcome, new collection out soon!

  5. Cute stuff Eve! I'm the same, trained as a fashion designer and was just drawn immensely to the material about 5 years ago and knew I needed to focus on working with it :)