Saturday, December 18, 2010


Love these new set of photos taken by Clayton Addison. Totally different and unique to how you normally see latex shot. Kind of voyeuristic in quality, it's always a bit so when you see photos of a girl wearing latex in a public setting I think since in a sense latex still has the connotation of being exclusive to the bedroom. I love the idea of breaking these boundaries and portraying latex in settings that are a bit more average to our daily lives but out of the ordinary for seeing latex worn there, show people that the garments are accessible for any event.

photo: clayton addison

model: phenix (page parkes)

mua/h: sara eudy

Styling: Jessica Kay Rowe


  1. The first one is my fav. With that far away look in her eye.

  2. I love this exploration of latex in everyday settings (especially walking through the clothing store!). So stunning!