Friday, July 16, 2010

My heart shall not fear

Finally posting these images from the Brandi Milne show opening last week! Hope you enjoy :)

Group photo :) Me in my rubber dress and hat.

This little guy greeted everyone at the door

One of my favorite's I love the nun's she used in her pieces

All the pieces were so big and glorious. This one was especially large! These small photos dont really do the pieces justice. The details in each and every one was beautiful!

They offered this piece as a print and I purchased one, it's so great.

Love this little ice cream cone!

Another one of my favorites, so cute!

What an adorable trio!

The details of this piece were gorgeous.

This piece was another offered print that I purchased, love it so much!

Adorable poisoned chicks!

As you can see the show was great, you can see more about it on Brandi's blog, here.

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