Thursday, February 11, 2010

The long road

I never thought the death of someone I never even knew could effect me as much as his did today. About ten minutes into getting to work and corresponding with customers I saw the headline and literally shrieked the words "Alexander McQueen is dead", and then I cried. Me, the person who tries to look (somewhat) fearlessly into the eyes of as many situations as possible.
I never realized just HOW MUCH his work touched my life until he was gone. Flash backs to being in high school and waiting for his collections to pop up on, buying fashion magazines JUST so I could tear out his ads and the spreads with his pieces to hang on my walls instead of the generic bands or movie stars. I askedmy co-worker, why is it always the brightest ones who seem to have it all that end their lives when they loose something we all take for granted every day? I told a customer I felt like a star burned out in our world today. It did. Who will be that driving force that he was to so many of us? Who will inspire us to want more in our fashion, in our art? He will be inspiring us for years to come, and for that we are all greatful. RIP Alexander McQueen, you meant so much to so many you didn't even know.

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