Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010

I saved this pictorial awhile back with the intention to put it up New Year's Eve. Well, it's a day late and in the process I've forgotten where I pulled it from (feel free to comment with its origins if you know)! I still find it appropriate though and wanted to share. I got very little sleep due to our upstairs neighbors continuous partying but my day was redeemed by FINALLY watching Fantastic Mr. Fox at a theater that plays older movies. It was SO GOOD, and I can't WAIT to buy it when it comes out. It really made me wish I lived in a little animal world like that, they were all so cute. My particular favorite was the little skeleton costume wearing badger child :) He's in the lower left corner of the image below!

My New Years goals include: Helping my bf find a house to buy, move all our crap in there and FINALLY have a workspace, which will then lead into my other goals that include things like working more on projects that have been on hold for the past few years. We don't really make "resolutions" in our household, it's more along the lines of personal goals that we want to see accomplished, since they don't really include any habits we want to change or areas where we fall short normally.

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