Monday, January 4, 2010

For whom the bell tolls

I discovered amazing artist Alexander Korzer-Robinson while browsing through GoldBug this weekend.
I was simply taken aback when I first saw his collages thought that they where just cut and paste but went into complete and utter shock and awe when I actually learned about the painstaking process he completes when he makes each piece. I would love to try his technique out someday but I don't know if I could ever be so bold as to cut up a 100+ year old antique book like he does so beautifully. You can read more about him, and view more of his art at his website here. I hope one day to be able to put one of his pieces up on my walls!


  1. check out the guy who originally came up with the concept that the Korzer-dude without credit stole.

    the original is way better and, yes, original.

  2. These are definitely beautiful...Is it called "For Whom the Bell Tolls"?

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  3. Ola: Wow, the link you commented here is insane! Dettmer's work has such a great sculptural quality to it! You can definitely see where Korzer-Robinson would have been inspired by him if he was the first to start this type of book art. On the one hand though I can see where Korzer-Robinson's art has its own qualities in comparison, it's much flatter and less detailed by far then Dettmer's work. I could see there being a market for each artist as an individual. Dettmer's also screams much more modernism to me then Korzer-Robinson's. That's just my opinion though upon first glance. Thank you so much for sharing the link, it was a treat to check that stuff out, very inspirational!

  4. K8: The two series these were taken from were called The Meyers Series, and the Brockhaus series. For whom the bell tolls was just what I happened to be listening to at the moment of posting this :) I think it would be a great series title for the pieces though, personally!