Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bone house

I tried to censor the above images as much as possible from the selection of which I chose. I in no means want to offend anyone but rather share with all of you the intense work of artist Joel-Peter Witkin if you haven't already been witness to it. The subjects in the photos are real, not photoshopped, I too was in shock when I learned this! I'm sure the fascination with this artist steams from my love of the morbid and grotesque, though that love usually involves morbid and adorable (like say taxidermied goats!). To read more about his art (and believe me there is lots to read) you can go here. One story I read on there that I want to share (though hopefully I wont gross out too many of you) is that to my complete and utter amazement the very last photo on this post entitled "The Kiss" is of a single autopsied head. It turns out in fact that the head was spit in half and then posed. It creates such a gruesome yet almost elegant composition. To see some more of his work you can go here and here.

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  1. i have such strong memories of stumbling upon a Joel-Peter Witkin photography book in Borders when i was young. . . It scared the shit out of me but i couldn't pull myself away. Looking at his art always makes me heart-beat speed up . . . amazing.