Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Who will save the sane?

I just found artist Raf Veulemans. I'm not sure I could put his work any better then him so here's how his website describes what he does:
In his artistic search Raf wants to make the perishable eternal.
He is fascinated by the beauty and fragility of non-living animals.
In our society we are often frightened by death and all that has to do with it. We don't want to confront death, we don't want to realize that we aren't here forever on this world.
Through his work, he tries to bring back life and beauty into the animals.
What may seem shocking from a far, can be beautiful up close

What a great way of putting it! He works exclusively with animals that have died from natural causes, and explores the technique he calls "airbrush" and then outfits most of the pieces with dramatic lighting. He seems to go to painstaking lengths to prepare the bodies of each animal to hold the paint he applies without decay, and has gone so far as to employ old Egyptian mummy techniques to keep the pieces n pristine condition. Each of his pieces seem to come to life on their own terms once they are put together, and are quite fascinating! Visit his site here!

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