Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Return of the fly

I suck at remembering to photograph and post my work. So I made an effort today! My brains kinda fried starting to think about Xmas but here's a few things I wanted to share.

This is a little teaser of the front portion of a dress I'm working on for myself. I don't know what I'll wear it to yet (if anything). I thought about wearing it to my bf's holiday work party..... but that might be pushing it!

This is an appliquéd face mask I'm working on for a customer/ co-worker. I hope to take some more pictures of the whole matching set I made when she tries it all on tomorrow. I really like the way the appliqué came out looking though! Very lolita-esque.

And finally I took this picture a few weeks ago. This thing is like over a story tall and sitting smack in front of a drug store in Santa Monica. I thought it was just as, if not trippier then any art I've ever seen and wanted to share it :)

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