Sunday, December 13, 2009


Thanks to my bf's awesome grandparents, with whom I had gone to dinner with last night, I was able to make it to the Multiplane show at CHG after all! I wasn't able to stay long though, because as intrigued as the were, it was hard to keep them entertained for too long :) Some of their comments included that the Greg Simkins, and Brandi Milne pieces were their favorites, which is of course to be expected I think cause they were definitely show highlights! His grandma also told me that she was being entertained my looking at all the "different people", hehe. It was fun to bring them there, none the less! The show had a really cool concept of sending artist panes of glass and then having them create their pieces in layers. It's a very different canvas then most of the artists have used before, but the finished product is so unique! Unfortunately my pictures have a bit of glare and reflection on them, but I'm sure you'll get the general idea.

One of the reasons I tried so hard to get out there, despite complications, was that Brandi told me she had a gift for me that she was going to bring.....

YAY! It was the stuffed bear she made, Tiny Bo Bo! He's such a cutey and is now sitting on the shelf directly above my So Good for Little Bunnies book.

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