Wednesday, November 4, 2009

She's a maniac!

What an amazing day yesterday was! I got to go and have my AMAZING Maniac on Sugar Island tattoo colored in and ended it with the perfect finale! Misha did the most amazing job on this tattoo, and I'm so thrilled with the end results. I found out upon arriving at the shop to get my tattoo worked on that she was planning to attend the Greg Craola Simkins show at Gallery 1988 that night, there very show I was also planning to attend. So we made tentative plans to say hello upon arrival. I got food with some friends and then headed to the Gallery. Outside I was stopped and my (very) fresh tattoo was admired and I was told that Brandi was inside, Yippee, how awesome that she gets to see the tribute to her work so soon! While getting a shot of one of the AMAZING pieces in the show I felt my bag being tugged on and looked over and it was her. She is the sweetest, most genuine person. Of course I don't know her as well as some but just from reading her blog, corresponding with her over email, and now seeing her in person you can really tell that she has something special about her, it definitely shines through.
A big shout out to everyone that has made this tattoo epically awesome, Brandi the person to put ink to paper, Misha the person to put ink to skin, and my boyfriend for being so awesome and providing me with this tattoo as like 2 years of past and future gifts all wrapped into one :D
You are all freaking awesome!
(oh and fyi some of the pics I took at the show were a bit fuzzy 'cause the place was packed, so I hope to go over and take a few more before posting them)


  1. SO rad! It slooks amazing and what a great night!! Killer.