Saturday, November 14, 2009

I need you in my life

The show doesn't even open until tomorrow but already most of the selection from Liz McGrath's latest show is sold. This piece however, my most absolute favorite is not. Oh how I wish I had $1900 I could drop on a piece of art, and the fact that this will probably raise drastically in value over time should make it an investment. But alas, I am not financially secure enough at this point to make this kind of investment, no matter how insanely amazing it is. I really wanted to attend the opening of this show tomorrow but they're expecting such a flood of people that they recommend rsvp'ing, and while I love an opening, I don't love huge crowds so I think I may have to visit this one on a later date. I think I may be going to the Dirty Show instead since it's a limited engagement, pics of both if I do make it out. And let me know if you get to see the McGrath exhibit before I do, I'd love to hear how it is!

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