Monday, October 26, 2009

Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt

Not so long ago the blogger community had a viral crafting thing going on. It was a little thing called "pay it forward" where one person posted saying they would make something, didn't say what but something, for the first ten people (I believe it was) that also posted that they would make something, to keep the cycle going! I had responded to artist Kelly Vivanco's posting on her blog when this was happening and just this past week I got what she created for me in the mail! It is the most perfect little painting, as you can see above. Everyone has been telling me that it looks like me, which has me attached to it even more now. I think it has fast become one of my favorite possessions, and I don't think she could have possibly come up with a better gift to send to me! Thank you so much Kelly, from the bottom of my heart!!! <3

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