Sunday, August 9, 2009

Year of the WolfBat

Something I've decided I want to do with this blog, to give it my personal touch is to infuse it more with my love of art. I want to do this through showing you all some of the gallery shows that I have the pleasure of going to and writing up short reviews on the artists and their collections. I hope that this will be well received, and that I'll be able to work at mixing it in with my other passion posted here, fashion. Other then the Monster exhibit that I posted last week, this will be a bit more of an official start of the project, hope you all enjoy, and feel free to give me feedback!

New York based artist Dennis McNett has a traveling show called "Year of the Wolfbat" and last night it made its LA stop at Thinkspace gallery. I had the pleasure of getting to the first of 2 nights it will displayed, and took a few pictures of my favorites to post here.
One thing that I always really enjoy about being in the Silverlake area of LA (where Thinkspace is located) is that artists tend to infuse what's going on in the gallery, onto the streets. Which is why the first image is actually one of my favorites, it gives the art that grittiness it seems to want to command from its audience.
I enjoyed how a lot of the larger pieces were painted on screens, and the unique take on paper mache masks. At the show my boyfriend mentioned to me how the United States doesn't really celebrate many masked holidays (besides Mardi Gras, which is typically celebrated more heavily in New Orleans then anywhere else) like some cultures do, and we both thought that was kind of a sad realization.
Besides creating all of this art Dennis McNett also teaches screenprinting at Pratt Institute. There was a heavy influence of this in the back room, which was filled to the brim with his print work, including some prints of the skate deck art his done in the past. Though the exhibit comes down at 4 pm today, I recommend that if you are a fan of this work you check out his website, where he has lots of images for viewing.

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