Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I feel in love with at least half of this new collection from Shakuhachi. What is it with all this great Australian fashion lately? Love it! Anywho you can pick up a few of the last pieces here. Unfortunately by the time I got to it the dress that was truly the object of my affection (see directly below) was gone in my size, and the next size down, so it was a no go. BOOOO! I think I'm gonna try to make one outta latex when I get a spare moment though (so probably never, but fingers crossed!) Dont you just hate it when PRE-SALE pieces sell out!!! It kinda defeats the purpose in my opinion, but that's just me!

Another great dress. I think I'll save this for a future DIY though.

Loving the jacket (of course absolutely sold out) and the body suit.

I ordered the dress below, in white. Love it, it's no cut-out body con dress, but I absolutely adore the lacy insets.

I also got this dress, in black. Unfortunately, my computer kept taking a shit when I was trying to buy it and in the ten minutes it took to finally load the screen for my credit card properly my size was sold out. How FUCKING LAME is that!!! So I bought the next size down since it's a loose fit. I worry about the length though, being 5'10" and all. But the model profile said she was too, so I'll give it a whirl.

Of course since that part of the world has summer coming up soon, they dresses aren't very "fall-like" like I should be thinking about/buying. But I figure fuck it, I live in southern California so this is fall wear :p


  1. Hi, sorry for commenting on an old post, but I was wondering how did the first lace day dress fit? I'm planning on buying one .. but in some of the pics, it looked rather daggy ..


  2. Hi Anon,
    no worries on the old post comment, sorry I didnt get to reply sooner! I actually ended up cancelling my order for the dresses, since I had been waiting 3 months and they still hadnt shipped! Was starting to wonder if they ever would :( I like how the first dress looked in most of it's pictures but I definitely get what you mean about some of the others. I think that's probably why it's so short, to balance the bagginess with the short length, making it more flirty. Unfortunately how short it was my major concern though being so tall! Let me know if you do end up getting it though, I'd love to hear how it actually was in person! <3