Sunday, August 2, 2009

Santa Monica

Went to Santa Monica yesterday with the boyfriend. Was his first weekend day off in over 2 months. As much as I hate going places like this on a weekend, it was our last chance to see Monster, before it closed and I had really been looking forward to checking the exhibit out, so was quite happy we made it!

This was BY FAR our favorite piece of the show. If you cant tell already, the title explains it all: Wolf-man inadvertently Crosses the Line (When He Peed on Unborn Babies).
By Dave Chung. If we had the money, or this space to buy this, I would've been all over it, cause we lol'd our little brains out and it totally would fit into the mish-mass I have going lately of art in our house. As much as I try to get themes going, they always seem to go straight out the window the minute I find something new that I like. I wish he would make a print of this piece, because it's awesome :)

These pieces are by TIN. He had an exhibit up also in the other room of the gallery that was also coming down at the end of the day. I loooove his bionic/steampunk-like animals. I've always wanted to get a half rabbit/machine tattooed but could never quite execute anything I liked enough. These are great though, and I'm seriously thinking of incorporating them into the artwork I want to have done on my arm somewhere

This is a picture of the pier (obviously). I kinda felt like an ant in an ant hill amongst the swarms of tourists milling around everywhere. I was hoping the picture would show up more of the people down on the pier but I think there's so many of them that they kind of have just formed into a giant blob!
And this is us at the end of the day on our way to the car, in front of a triceratops fountain, that unfortunately you can not see in the photo (what a triceratops and a shopping center by the beach have in common I have no idea :p )

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