Sunday, August 16, 2009

MODART: group show

So this weekend was the opening of the Modart group show at Thinkspace. Below are a few fav pieces:
Me and my friend caught off guard as we were taking our own shots. I am so horribly unphotogenic. I guess some people have it, and some people don't.

Drawing#2 by Kukula
Close up of bunny in Dream Compass, by Kukula. I think all of the pieces she showed have been circulated around already several times, but I still enjoy her subject matter and always enjoy seeing her work up close.

Not only can I not find the titles and artist of these two pieces anywhere, but I forgot to take note of who they were by too. So unfortunately I don't know :( Please feel free to let me know if you do though! I enjoyed the three-dimensional aspect of these pieces. The artist had several up throughout the gallery.

Gangster Bird, by Chris Bourke. Me and my friends all got a laugh out of this one. So true, so true.

Salt by El Gato Chimney

Martirium, by El Gato chimney

Detail from Trust, by El Gato Chimney

Detail from Martirium, by El Gato chimney. Probably liked El Gato Chimney's work the best in the show. It was the most "surreal" of all the pieces, and I enjoyed the use of bright colors, and his subtle references to what appears to be sewing (as seen in my detail shots) The pincushion balloon man is especially entertaining.

Overall the mood of the pieces in the show weren't really my taste of art. A lot of them had a very generic, mainstream feel to them. I'm sure that there were tons of people there enjoying it, but I really had to pick and choose to find favorites out of the show. I need more subject matter in my pieces, and less squiggly lines. Which I feel this show was really lacking, and that's not saying that it doesn't take talent to make squiggly lines into art, or that there isn't a market for an entire wall of "ironic" youtube sketches, but it's just not my cup of tea, for the most part. Click on my link above to see more of what I mean. I am super excited to go to the Blab show sometime in the near future though. Definitely more my cup of tea. And I'm also looking forward to Luke Chueh's show at gallery 1988 next month.

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