Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Just the basics

I know it's faux pas to wear head to toe of one designer. And I know that we've seen this drapy look A LOT lately, but seriously, who wouldn't want this to be their daily wardrobe. Rad Hourani's collecton is just so fuctional! I mean of course it needs a bit of personalizing, but that's what accessories are for! And with little details like the zippered knees, and the drapy vests, you practically dont even need that!

Also, one more Rad image I've had saved up on my desktop to post. Loving the industrialness of this vest. Quite tactical, yet fashion-y at the same time. One of the few "fashion" pieces I could actually see myself getting my boy friend in at some point (who, by the way, just bought his first pair of "fashion-y" non-combat boots yesterday! Unbelievable!) and would love to steal it and wear it too! >_<
All via Jak&Jil

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