Sunday, August 30, 2009

Entertaining the dead

Tonight we went to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery to watch "American Werewolf in London" at the summer movie nights thrown by Cenespia. I would highly recommend this activity to anyone living in the LA area. It's a great way to spend $10, and have a picnic (food and even alcohol are encouraged) in a cemetery of all places! I've been living here for over 4 years and this is actually the first time that the stars have aligned and I've been able to make it to a showing, which has been hard since it's only held during the summer on Saturday nights. I am definitely going to try to make an effort to go more often next year though (since there's only 2 more weeks left in this years season!). In case your curious, the movies are projected onto a building wall where there is a big grassy field that everyone lays their blankets on and FILLS up to the brim! Not to go all goth on you guys or anything but I would really like to go through the cemetery during the day sometime and snap some pictures since tonight was too dark (these images are snagged from google). There was a lot of interesting tombstones, etc there that I think would be great inspiration for something down the line.

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