Sunday, July 26, 2009

A.) The view from here is.... B.) A brick wall

This DIY spikey/studded shoes has been my project for the last few weekends. First I tracked down an acceptable pair of black pumps off of ebay (it's amazing how long that can take sometimes!) and from there ordered my studs and spikes and got started. I quickly found out that I was running a little short on studs so the project got pushed out another week as I waited for more studs to arrive. There's a total of over 300 pyramid studs alone on the shoes, and I lost count of the round studs but I believe it's somewhere around 100+. I took the cheaters way out on these and super glued them to the shoe because I really did not want to sit there with a knife cutting holes for the studs to be inserted. I was very, very pleasantly surprised by how well the glue method actually worked! I know a lot of you have seen this DIY at some point before but I thought I would share mine as well, as I'm quite proud of the results and hopefully you'll be inspired to do something as well. Do share if you do!

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