Saturday, July 25, 2009

Composer meet corpse

I've spent much of today oogling jewelry that I am now coveting with all my might. I always seem to have an especial obsession with anything involving death, and the supernatural. Below are my favorites:

Mouse hand locket: Lovedtodeath
Amazing vampire rings: Verameat

Awesome fossil ring: Melissa Joy Manning
I know we've all been seeing a lot of hummingbird skull necklaces lately but this is BY FAR my favorite of them all and the only one that is seriously tempting me to pull out the bucks for it,
Necklace : Ria Charisse

The coolest padlocked coffin necklace ever: Mended Veil

Time killer necklace: Mended Veil
And last but not least, my favorite of them all, this awesome skeleton finger wearing a ring necklace : Mended Veil. This would be the coolest accessory by far. Kinda like something I could see a serial killer doing, wearing their victim's finger bones as a necklace.... though that might be something that would be very, very incriminating....

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