Friday, July 3, 2009

Circus wear

Goofing off, gotta love the totally exaggerated poses!

This shot is a bit more accurate view of the gold color of the dress

I suck at taking and having taken pictures at home (my bf is definitely NOT a pro and will only put up with taking pictures for literally about 3 minutes!) or really anywhere for that matter, lol. But I wanted to start putting up some more stuff that I've made, and since I really love this dress I thought I would put it on here. The dress is made from a distressed gold color latex, kinda hard to tell cause we stupidly took the shots in the shadow of our apt.... but I added a somewhat clearer color shot at the end. So yeah, gold with black heart appliques and black trim. One reason I love this dress (and I think some of it has to do with the color looking unique and not so much "fetishy") is because I can wear it out with normal heels and not feel quite as much of a spectacle as most other latex dresses would make me feel. I think it's also the "retro" feel of it that makes it a little more acceptable by the masses.

Oh and btw, the "circus" was great! I especially liked that they had a live band/mini orchestra that played music to all of the acts. Everything went spectacularly together. Oh and sorry I haven't posted lately, I had a broken mouse on my pc this week, so I will be catching up over the weekend :)

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