Saturday, July 4, 2009

Buyers remorse

I couldn't help myself and now I'm already feeling the remorse :( oh well, they're beautiful and hopefully look just as good in person! I've been lusting over the opening ceremony pair but really, really could never have afforded them, this Jeffrey Campbell pair is already going to put a MAJOR strain on my budget for the next couple of months but they're really something I feel like I couldn't live without (ok, maybe an exaggeration... but still!). Just don't let my bf know how much I paid for 'em!!!


  1. lol as long as u have a job its okay to spoil yourself once and a while. and plus there majorly worth it look at how sick they are, and metal, and wicked. straight edgers get the short end of the stick, its a lonely life. damn communities of druggies and drinkers

  2. I want that pair too! Not the JC but Opening Ceremony's! Where have you been, you never e-mailed me back!!!! ---Your friend LING